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Magnetic preamp Nat - Nat Magnetic

The Nat Magnetic getting the best preamplifier title this year . This reviewer is made to understand that he needs to replace his own pre amp (*). Performance , ability to separate and details make it the best product of the year in this category . Some might prefer preamplifier polite wraps , stroking and making moving back. Preamplifier that everyone hears it perfect, even if the recording is awful. If you like , move on . A few more years , maybe , you will realize that until now have heard only part of what we intended you to hear . The Magnetic Vigneto us , it is not forgiving recordings , beautifully detailed , fast , and completely transparent . He mentions an exotic sports car . Full moment, ie , flexibility and stability. Check this out on http://www.dtown.co.il/articles/3060.html

(*) Reviewer put NAT Magnetic  as reference instead of Audio Research Reference 3



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