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Magma M

Single Ended Mono Block Power Amplifier

After "Big" Magma NAT introduced "Small" Magma M high power single ended direct heated triode amplifier. At almost near half the price of "Big" Magma there is over 90% of sound quality from Magma M. Magma M may drive equally both dynamic or electrostatic modern type of speakers.


Technical Specification
Name Value
Type Single Ended Class "A"
Power output 80 Watts @ 4 & 8 ohms; 1 kHz
Frequency response 5 Hz to 80 kHz -3dB
Input impedance 100 kohms
Input sensitivity 1 V RMS for full power output
Gain Approx. 27 dB
Rise time 4 microseconds
Noise 105 dB below rated output "A" Weighted
Phase status Inverting ( 180o )
Tube complement 6N2P-EV, 1 x 250 TH(TB4/800)
Power requirement 110 VAC or 220 VAC @ 50 to 60 Hz, 300 VA
Dimensions 11.8" (300 mm) wide ´ 25.2" (640 mm) deep ´ 14.2" (360 mm) high
NET weight approx. 88 lbs (40 kg) unpacked / per piece
TOTAL Weight approx. 110 lbs (50 kg) packed / per piece


Design Features

- Single Ended pure class A mono block power amplifier
- Power industrial type direct heated triode - 250TH or TB4/800(N.O.S.)
- DC coupled circuit (only output transformer on signal path)
- CE comfortable regarding maximum DC operating voltage
- 80 W of pure class A @4ohms or @8ohms
- zero global feedback configuration
- high capacitance in power supply with high energy storage
- custom designed power transformer of 1000W encapsulated-low density
- custom designed output transformer of 1000W encapsulated- last generation
- double stabilisation of high voltage for driver tube
- 6N2P-EV N.O.S. grade tube for driver purposes
- full automatic bias with automatic-adjust (no any adjustment).
- variable bias (two mode with 30W or 80W of output power)
- balanced DC power to supply filament of output tube
- regulated DC power to supply filament for driver tube
- WBT output connectors
- all aluminum modulated chassis with double 20mm thick front panel

Specifications are subject of change without notice

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