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Battery Powered Vacuum Tube Phono Stage

NAT set a new standard in Phono state-of-the art product by new approach-vacuum based inverse RIAA network in model Signature Phono Vacuum RIAA. Standard inverse RIAA network based on resistor or even better inductor as main part in the signal path, but NAT put Vacuum field medium instead. Phono stage contains 10 vacuum tubes in full zero feedback configuration.

Reference Zero Feedback Hybrid Balanced Line Stage

Magnetic is a newest reference point line stage made by NAT standards – transformer coupled, class A with zero feedback circuit configuration. Special selected vacuum tube with fet is used - represent high technology in both industrial tube and solid state manufacturing.

Reference Absolute Zero Feedback Vacuum Tube Line Stage

Magnetostat is a new reference point line stage made by NAT standards – transformer coupled pure triode class A with absolute zero feedback circuit configuration. Military grade type 6S31B-R output tube is used - represent high technology in vacuum tube manufacturing.

Single Ended Mono Block Power Amplifier

NAT produced the most powerfull single ended (with Single tube) in the world called Magma New. It is called Magma, because the color of anode so real to vulkan's magma. Read soon much more about this unigue project.

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