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About Us

Manufacture NAT design and produce audio components of high-end class. The main manufacturing program includes vacuum tube preamplifiers and power amplifiers. The main features of these products are triode configuration, short signal path, zero or low feedback and single ended concept.

NAT is one of the most innovative manufacture globally in the segment of tube and hybrid high-end amplification.

There is facts below for that conclusion:

  • First direct coupled all tube, zero – feedback line stage (preamplifier) with model – Utopia (released 2001.)
  • First most powerful (70W) direct – heated triode, all tube, cathode – coupled, zero – feedback, single – ended power amplifier with model –  Se3 (released 2003.)
  • First full battery all tube, zero – feedback phono stage (preamplifier) with model – Signature Phono  (released 2004.)
  • First most powerful (160W) direct – heated triode, all tube, anode (standard) – coupled, zero – feedback, single –  ended power amplifier with model –  Magma (released 2008.)
  • First direct coupled hybrid, zero – feedback, single – ended, integrated amplifier with model –  Symbiosis Se (released 2008.)
  • First plasma effect, zero – feedback, AC conditioner with model –  Xenon (released 2009.)
  • First full battery all tube, transformer coupled, absolute zero-feedback line stage (preamplifier) with model - Magnetostat (released 2010.)
  • First hybrid , transformer coupled Single gain j-fet,  zero-feedback line stage (preamplifier) with model - Magnetic (released 2011.)
  • First inverse vacuum RIAA circuit - Signature Phono Vacuum RIAA (realised 2013.)
  • First high power Single - ended amplifier with metal ceramic tube, yet zero feedback type with model - Microwave (realised 2013.)



Mention models are the first commercial audio products globally in the class of their own.

Special attention in the process of fabrication is in the choice of parts that are assembled in NAT audio components. We are specially careful in the choice of tubes. When ever it is possible, New Old Stock (NOS) tubes of the worlds most famous manufacturers (General Electric, RCA, CEI Electron Tube, EI) are implemented. Most of them are also by military grade class.

NAT power amplifiers features output transformers wound by hand. Unique implementation of these single-ended output transformers provides extremely wide frequency response (example: power amplifier Se2 has frequency response from 5 Hz to 100 kHz).

We would like to point out that all NAT audio components are hand made and that they are exposed to a rigorous burn-in test of over 100 hours for every single component before delivery to our customers.


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